Do You Believe In:
  • Do you believe the only way to change how Washington D.C. operates is to change the people we send to Washington D.C.  You can’t continue to send the same people and expect anything to change.
  • Do you believe in smaller Government 
  • Do you believe in transparency in Government 
  • Do you believe the success of our children starts with education 
  • Do you believe in finding waste and removing it from all government agencies
  • Do you believe to make the government more efficient we need to remove the political games played to assert power.  We are not elected to play games, we are there to do a job for the people we serve
  • Do you believe in election finance reform
  • Do you believe in tax reform. ​
I am a lifetime resident of the state of Ohio.  I am a graduate of Bishop Watterson High School.  I graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Agricultural Economics.  After graduating, I started the first bicycle messenger service in downtown Columbus.  After selling that business I got involved in a new business supporting cycling events around the country.  I have been involved in all levels of the sport from local events in Columbus to International events, including the Pan Am Games and the World Championships.  I also coached a cycling team to two national championships.

In the off season, I tutor at-risk high school students, helping them to stay in school and teaching them the importance of  graduating.

I am married and have three college aged boys, three dogs and a cat.


When the members of congress are spending up to 70% of their time fundraising they are not doing the job they were elected to perform.  What some people dont know is that the members of congress actually have to leave their office and go to a different location to make fundraising phone calls.  It would be like you secretly leaving your job at 10:00 and going to another job and expect to be paid for both jobs.  I will not spend my time fundraising!
I feel that a candidate should be supported by that candidates constituents and those individuals who beleive in the values of that candidates.  I hope that I can inspire the voters to support me and in return I will represent them, and not big business, in Washington.